Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fibrotex Two-Sided Camouflage Combat Uniform

Fibrotex is an Israeli based manufacturer of various camouflage systems with many of their products developed in conjunction with and for use with Special Units from the Israeli Defense Forces. They are now introducing their new two-Sided Fightex Combat Uniform at Eurosatory later this month in Paris, which has been named Fightex. The photos shown here give an ideal of what to expect from the dual printed camouflage uniform that can feature both an arid/urban and woodland colorway for the patterns. They note that the patters can be easily customized to meet the needs of the end user. 

Fibtotex Technologies: Fightex Combat Uniform 

The uniform is designed to meet all of the functionality needed in combat including comfort with fabric that breathes, durability with reinforcement and protection at contact areas and stress points, flame resistance, as well as other concealment features for nIR. Clearly the unique factor with this uniform is the dual camouflage variant capability moving from one terrain to another. They will also have matching outerwear and PPE/OCIE packages to go along with the uniforms. 

While not a new concept as dual sided camo fatigues were utilized by the US Marine Corps in WWII and more recently a raincoat from Dakota Outerwear that had MultiCam on one side and Digital Tiger Stripe on the other. However, this feature is lacking in modern issued uniforms and offers the user a great concealment function in being able to flip the pants and shirt inside out for a quick transition while on the move. This reduces the consideration for carrying multiple uniforms with different patterns.

Fightex Two-Sided Combat Uniform
Fibrotex will also be showcasing their two-sided camouflage nets at the Expo, which can be used in the field to cover equipment, vehicles, etc. Given the ability to provide dual concealment, these two will provide a means for added protection from detection and work in multiple environments without doubling up the same resource.

As always, we look forward to some additional field shots. Perhaps some of this technology can carry over for us with U.S. Military forces as multiple camouflage options are clearly being seen as advantageous and now utilized by all services. This will be just one more aspect of lightening the load for at least a dual pattern selection. If you will be at the Eurosatory Expo, be sure to check out the Fightex  Uniform along with other camouflage solutions from Fibrotex at Booth D759 in Hall 6. For more information on the company's other lines of innovative concealment products visit

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  1. i have heard about this uniforms in my last working trip to Israel.
    i know that special forces over there are very pleased with the uniform quality.
    It's said they are ideal for forces operating in different types of terrain.