Monday, June 18, 2012

Deceptex Camouflage ECU

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. has released a sneak peek of a trial uniform for their upcoming ECU, which will feature the possibility to choose from  hundreds of possible camouflage patterns from the Deceptex print on order camouflage system. Below is a look at their Deceptex Victor-14 variant on a trial run uniform. 

Deceptex Victor 14 Camouflage on ECU Trial Uniform
If the final design mirrors this coat, we can see in the shot that it will be a four pocket design with elements of an ACU including slightly slanted chest pockets, mandarin collar, and hook and loop cuff closures. Below you will find a line of three Deceptex Victor patterns to give some idea as to how the pattern carries over to finished product. The Victor-14 variant is next in the series but not listed. 

Hyperstealth Deceptex Camouflage

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