Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crye Precision Protective Over Garment Wear Demo

The US Army now has five different PUG (Protective Under Garment) designs from various manufactures including BCB International as we have covered previously as well as two POG (Protective Over Garment) options including one from Crye Precision and the other from Hawk Protection. The video below gives a demo on how to don the POG designed by Crye along with different wear features when not in use for the two tier Pelvic Protection System

Crye Precision Protective Over Garment
The video demonstration from PEO Soldier plays out like a flight attendant showing how to put on a safety belt, which does help to see the overall design and the intricacy that went into providing an all around snug fit as well as a simple means for stowing when not in use. The Crye Precision POG appears to have the superior design  to the alternative given the ease of use and over all configuration for wear. The Crye POG also lacks a tail and features a skittles pouch which is missing from the other version. 

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