Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Built to Go: Bug Out Bag

Bugging out can mean various things to different people, but in the world of survival and preparation, it means getting the hell out of Dodge to keep your family safe. In the event of unrest,natural disaster, or scenario that turns your normal daily living or working environment into a danger zone, you may need to "bug out" and head for safe surroundings. This can leave you with the situation of having to carry everything you need on your back in order to provide for sustenance.

Bug Out Bag
Without proper preparation you leave yourself and those travelling with you at risk of not having the necessities to carry you though any displacement, which could lead to injury or worse. Preparation should not be done out of fear, but as a back up plan for a worst case scenario. The ultimate goal of a good bug out bag is to save your own life as well as your loved ones till better times prevail. 

We are now offering a fully equipped bug out bag that any "prepper," man of action, or concerned family man would be proud to own. This all starts with a moderate sized pack with multiple compartments for organization, that carries what you need, but is not too large to hinder mobility, and to that is added multiple items you will find necessary in the event that you must bug out.  The preparation is done for you, so when the need arises, you will already have the compiled kit needed for a variety of situations that may arise.

The kit will include a tactical trauma kit, chow set, folding shovel, a canteen, a fire-starter, and an incredibly handy multitool. There's also a hollow-handle, multipurpose survival knife, military-grade compass, signal mirrors, and 100 feet of paracord. You've got a multi-power hand-crank dynamo lantern, a compact "commando" axe, an LED flashlight, a dynamo-powered emergency radio, the US Military's field manual on survival, and a foam sleeping pad. And we didn't forget a map and document case, a portable commando stove, a headlamp for hands-free operation at night, a roll of duct tape, some survival wire, a safety whistle, and a pair of gloves, not to mention insect repellent for hostile climates. Last but certainly not least a solar charger for your wireless phone and MP3 player. 

The Bug Out Bag can be ordered with or without meals. The food supplement includes 12 Sure Pack meals  that are supplied by a U.S. Government Contractor and comes complete with entree, side dish, dessert, cracker packs, spreads, drink, condiments, and coffee. Now available at 

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