Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black Palm Syndicate MultiCam Soft Shell Hat Sanitized

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to MultiCam caps and Black Palm Syndicate released one of the more popular designs at the end of last year with their MultiCam Soft Shell Hat. They were so confident in their design that they dubbed it with the trademark "One Cap to Rule Them". Now they have developed a more streamlined version without the velcro loop and company logo. 

BPS Multicam Soft Shell Hat - Sanitized
The new MultiCam Soft Shell Hat - Sanitized is manufactured with Flexfit Soft Shell MultiCam Tweave Durastretch® fabric, which is extremely resistant to abrasion and stretches for a custom fit. The fabric is also finished with Shoeller Nanosphere® self cleaning non-stick technology, which will keep the hat clean for the long haul and resistant to water along with many other liquids. Black Palm also constructed the hat for a lower profile compared to the original and with a softer crown.

Black Palm Sydicate MultiCam Soft Shell Hat
The MultiCam Soft Shell Hat - Sanitized is now available for purchase at:

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