Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BCS Brings Back Woodland Camouflage Gear

This may be considered a blast from the past for many, but US Woodland camouflage is still utilized by many law enforcement tactical teams across the nation. Despite the change to UCP, MultiCam, MARPAT, and Digital Tiger Stripe patterns, Woodland cammies still have their place with U.S. Special Operations Forces including many working in conjunction with Afghan National Army Commandos. 

BCS Woodland CAMO AK47 Rig

Regardless of the popularity of newer patterns, Woodland certainly has its place and many are fond of it simply for aesthetic or in reverence to the Battle Dress Uniform of yore. Whatever the case may be, Beez Combat Systems has pulled in some Woodland Nylon and is churning out there rigs and armor carriers with the camo pattern. With the rise in popularity of combloc weaponry in the US, BCS has met the demand by designing rigs to carry the magazines for the popular AK variants as well as the SVD Sniper rifle. Above is a shot of their AK47 Chest rig with the SVD selection below. 

BCS SVD Chest Rig
While M81 Woodland was developed for combat with those carrying the aforementioned weaponry, the BCS IOTV Carrier below falls more in line with utilized by US forces. In addition to the products seen here BCS will be offering their complete line of products in Woodland Camouflage. Check out all of their gear at 

BCS Woodland IOTV Carrier

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