Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Battle Blades Picatinny Rail Knife System

Battle Blades teamed up with TOPS Knives to fully develop their Picatinny Rail knife system named the Wolfhawk, which  combines an endless possibility of knife designs with a sheath that can mount onto any Picatinny rail. The most obvious being direct attachment to a rifle handguard. Below you will find some great video coverage of Battle Blades founder, Kelly Van Orden explaining his new innovation at Blade Show 2012.

Battle Blades Wolfhawk Picatinny Rail Knife System
We are sure there are plenty of detractors to the Wolfhawk picatinny rail knife system with some saying it is "just another" attachment being thrown onto a quad rail for tacticool effect.  However, there are a variety of options as shown in this video including holster mount, armor carrier, belt with corresponding clip, and the more interesting helmet mount. Battle Blades Wolfhawk could get a lot of traction in conjunction with platforms that can be attached to MOLLE webbing such as the ITW Picatinny QASM Ramp.

Battle Blades Wolfhawk Picatinny Rail Knife System
Another aspect which will need a close look is the locking mechanism built into the sheath which keeps the knife firmly in place. The Battle Blades Wolfhawk sheath comes in a standard black, but they also have introduced a bi-color Black/Camo option which appears to have a MultiCam pattern on one side and the standard option on the opposite side. Several knife options are already in place which we are sure will grow along with any demand for the overall knife system. For more details and information on ordering visit:

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