Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barbie Enlists: SOCF CST Female Soldier

The contentious issue of women in the military has long survived the test of time. Recent discussions of increased combat roles and the involvement of women within the Special Operations community has made this a real hot button issue. In comes Magic Cube Toys with their Special Operations Coalition Forces Cultural Support Teams Female Soldier to give young girls some gender identification to really mix things up. 

The mini G.I. Jane comes complete with a MultiCam ACU, RBAV, Combat boots, Hydration Carrier,  Eye Protection, various pouches and grenades, belt, tactical pants, knee pads, Radio, and separate hands to swap in the Oakley SI Assault Gloves. As a member of the Cultural Support Team she is also equipped with an Arabian Robe and Scarf as one must always be equipped to cover up naughty neck meat from the prying eyes of modest villagers. The mandarin collar certainly doesn't cut it. 

Magic Cube Toys SOCF CST Female Soldier
As you can see, this lady has quite the loadout as well she should. MC Toys really got down to the details in representing a female soldier serving as a CST. If you need the rifle and helmet to complete her ensemble then be sure to purchase them separately.  View additional information on the SOCF CST Female Solder at To see an interview with images of a real deal female soldier as represented by a Female CST and Special Forces Enabler visit 

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