Friday, May 25, 2012

Wolves in Warrior's Clothing

While stolen valor has been a hot topic in the U.S., there hasn't been a call for the ban of military uniforms to be purchased by the public or the medals these losers utilize to assemble their false story for recognition. The Marine Corps and Navy do have proprietary camouflage patterns, which can only be utilized by their own, however even those are copied with patterns that have very close similarities. 

Mexican Sailors Pat Down a Red Hot Chili Pepper
Abroad there are many nations that outright ban camouflage uniforms altogether. Such is the case in several countries throughout Africa, which can be seen in many headlines as the Nigerian Coast Guard is hard at work in confiscating such imports that are typically hidden and many times have the United States as point of origin. This is also the case in many Caribbean nations such as Barbados and Jamaica. Essentially they do not want civilians to have access to military uniforms which would distinguish them due to apprehension of only bad intentions coming from its use. 

There are many cases where individuals or groups of people have utilized uniforms to their advantage in what is essentially an element of surprise by having victims drop their guard due to the illusion that they are in the presence of trustworthy military personnel or in the case of the Norway massacre, a police uniform. Such is also the situation with the latest drug cartel news from South of the Border, where it is now being reported that Mexican cartel members had a makeshift uniform factory churning out fake military uniforms to later use in their criminal activities including road block which can lead to kidnappings. 

News Reports sound a bit rediculo in regard to the matter, but in the land of dismemberment  and plenty it is not hard to believe that the cartels would not take on tactics of posing as Mexican military to take advantage of a situation. Then again the same articles allude to high ranking military officials being in cahoots with the cartels, so why bother with producing fake uniforms when you can just get the real deal.

The concept of faux uniforms has lead to a few border stops where illegals are trying to make their way in with USMC uniforms and these are not always the fake variety as it can be possible to pick these up at surplus stores. However, some border patrol agents are former Marines and pick up on this scam quite easily through other indicators. Taliban/Al-Qaeda Fighters have picked up on the scheme and have purchased Army Combat Uniforms locally to gain closer access to forward operating bases for attacks.

The possibilities are endless on how you can utilize the the false pretenses of a military uniform to carry out heinous acts. Yet as it stands in the United States of America, anyone can purchase a bona fide Army Combat Uniform and Airman Battle Uniform. It is also not a stretch to find any stile of uniform from the Navy or Marines on sale at Ebay.

The law enforcement community also takes advantage of the open purchase of military combat uniforms for their tactical teams. Surely having the latest camouflage patterns on the market can be a strong contention for having the latest options along with the innovations of the designs, but they too can take some flack from those that claim this is another step in the direction for the militarization of police departments.

In the scheme of things the open purchase of military uniforms is not a hot topic in the U.S. Many civilians do so for hunting, firearms training, reenactment, or collecting. Camouflage has its place in fashion as many look to honor the countries military or at least the general aesthetic in their own manner. There are many ways to fake the part to gain an upper hand in taking people off their guard with a good Orkin man or UPS uniform. Banning the outright purchase of of uniforms is quite a silly prospect. They may keep uniform shipments from being transported by ground in Afghanistan, but why bother faking to be a soldier when throwing on a Burqa or other female garb can be equally if not more effective.

All rules are off for the Mexican drug cartels. These are people looking for wealth and power that goes beyond any conscionable thought to manipulate the means to a better end. Their reaches go deep into all aspects of society as anyone can appreciate the power of a buck in a nation that looks up to those in the north where it is much easier to gain. Driven by the legalities of drugs, one can profit on the moralities simply by ignoring what is considered right and doing anything to beat the system, even if it means chopping off the heads of thousands of people no matter what their status in life may be.

Sure a headline may read, "Mexican Drug Traffickers Make Knockoff Military Uniforms", but it all boils down to manipulating people's good will to gain an advantage to move forward with illegal activities. Making it illegal to purchase certain items will not avoid criminals finding a way to obtain them. We can think of many items where this is the case, can you?

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  1. it used to be that a warrior captured in anything but the uniform of his nation's military branded him a spy and he was summarily executed. Maybe that is how we deal with non uniformed combatants. Rather than sending them to Gitmo, we just let word get out that if we catch them in our uniforms or out of their own uniforms, they will be executed on the spot as spies.