Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wilderness Tactical Products Money Belt

Lately, a lot of companies are introducing practical belts for military, law enforcement, and beyond. The Wilderness Money belt adds one more function to the company's wide range of popular tactical instructor belts. Wilderness Tactical Products has taken their Original Instructor Belt and added a variety of options for buckle both in style and type of material (steel, titanium, polymer) as well as variations on the width and stiffness of the belt. 

The Wilderness Money Belt

The Wilderness has carried over the various options to their new Money Belt design with hundreds of possibilities when you add in color choice (OD, Black, Coyote) and Sizing (21" to 60" plus). The main differential being a zippered low profile pocket sewn to the inside of the belt at the rear, which incorporate nylon pull cords on the zippers for easy opening access.

Wilderness Tactical Products Money Belt Selection
We think a money pouch is a great feature to incorporate for those that don't want to carry a full wallet on their person or simply want a concealed means to secure their cash. While limited in size, we can see you fitting in a car key, and some other minimalist items that you want on hand but not in a conspicuous location. Having encountered pick pockets or generally unsavory characters while travelling and stateside, we can certainly see this as being another great option for those seeking concealable options on the market. For full specs and pricing for different options visit:

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