Tuesday, May 22, 2012

War Bungee PRO Bundle Solution

Our friends over at The Gear Locker let us in on an awesome package War Sport Industries has put together that incorporates their War Bungee shock cord system designed for the Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Helmet. The bungee provides a great retention system for your helmet gear including NVG, IR devices, Comms, as well as jute and vegetation to break up the shape of the head. Perhaps you will need to throw on a Blast Gauge somewhere down the pipeline. 

The War Bungee PRO Bundle System includes their own retention system in OD with their PVC Patch, an OPS-CORE Helmet in MultiCam & Rail Adapter, Princton Tec MPLS Light, Smith Optics Elite Boogie Regulator Goggle, Potomac Beenie as well as an ITS Tactical "Grab Your Helmet" patch. You can now order the full package at:

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