Thursday, May 3, 2012

US4CES Camouflage Field Shots

It is great for us to to finally see some finished product including uniforms, headwear, and nylon gear out in the field utilizing the US4CES™ camouflage family of patterns. It was first announced that ADS Inc. along with camouflage designer Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth were finalists in the US Army Camouflage Improvement Solicitation just prior to SHOT Show. We had the chance to the view the US4CES Delta at SHOT Show, which was their other family of patterns submitted that did not make it through. Soon after they released photos of the US4CES Alpha were the camouflage patterns chosen to compete with three other commercial family of patterns. 

US4CES Transitional Uniform and OCIE/PPE Camouflage Nylon Gear
ADS Inc. now refers to their camouflage as US4CES™ as part of the US Army Family of Camouflage Program. This certainly simplifies things and it is great to finally see some finished product out in the field utilizing the different colorways.

US4CES™ Arid Camouflage Uniform with OCIE/PPE Vest
We are quite impressed with the overall look of the pattern, which we definitely don't see being an issue in putting across a professional image for Soldiers. This field shot gives a simple look at its effectiveness those the camouflage is only on the nylon gear and headwear while the model is wearing a solid green shirt. 

US4CES Distant Field Shot
Photos Courtesy of ADS Inc. and Guy Cramer
Here are a few more great shots showing the camouflage patterns from different angles with varied vegetation and environs. We look forward to seeing their woodland pattern in action which is suitable for a different environment. 

US4CES™ Camouflage Family of Patterns
We wish ADS Inc. and Guy Cramer good luck in the final evaluation process of the US Army Camouflage Improvement Solicitaton. For full details on the US4CES™ Family of Patterns visit

US4CES™ Arid - Rocky TerrainPhotos Courtesy of ADS Inc. and Guy Cramer
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  1. Looks better than the UCP's!!! Hopefully the army will have them ugly UCP's replaced before i join in four months!

  2. If you're not going to stick with MultiCam, these patterns look to be the winner, hands down. It's as good as anything else out there - and looks professional, too.