Monday, May 21, 2012

US Army Testing Crye StKSS™ Load System

In a sole source procurement notice, the Army in conjunction with Research Institute of Environmental Medicine and SOCOM. The notice specifies a requirement for armor plates while the Justification and Approval documentation specifies that the interest is in the USARIEM testing out plate carriers utilizing Crye Precision's StKSS™ (Structural Kinetic Support System) Load System for possible use with the 5th Special Forces Group. 

Crye Precision StKSS™ Load System
As seen in the photo below, the system connects the armor vest with a battle belt load belt, which transfers the brunt of the heft to the hips and legs, relieving the shoulder and back of the weight. Pack systems have been providing this same concept with much desired effect. It is noted that alleviating the cause of shoulder, back and knee injuries are a key focus since they are a problem for Special Operations Forces. 

This concept of weight distribution has not been lost on SOF as Kitup! reported on DEVGRU ordering up Crye Precision's full system including the Cage Plate Carrier, StKSS, and Low Profile Belt back in late 2010. The company already has an adapter to fit in with different carriers and belt systems, so customization is clearly thought out and already applied. Crye Precision is covering a lot of bases in providing solutions to several problems facing soldiers. MultiCam has obviously been their greatest success thus far in the realm of concealment, but they are definitely not one trick ponies when it comes to innovative gear designs. For the full scoop on their latest contracting visit:

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