Thursday, May 3, 2012

Soldier with A-TACS FG CAMO in Afghanistan

We came across this great shot from inside an C.O.P. in the Kunar Province. These soldiers are with the 15th PSYOP Bn. and while A-TACS has not received any widespread issuance there are certainly soldiers out their picking up on both of the patterns offered. This photo catches an A-TACS FG camouflage hydration carrier in the mix, which we have verified with our sources in the industry.

We have seen some previous shots of Australian coalition foces utilizing A-TACS AU Camo nylon gear when it first hit the shelves, but there is definitely limited gear in the new Foliage Green variant.  It is noted that the Soldiers are playing warnings messages to Taliban insurgents. From the looks of things, there is plenty of cause on hand to heed the call. 

A-TACS FG in Afghanistan Photo by US Army Sgt. Harvey

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