Thursday, May 17, 2012

Singapore Air Force and Navy's New Uniforms

In a very familiar sounding move, the Singapore Ministry of Defence announced that they are introducing new distinct combat uniforms for their Republic of Singapore Air Force and Navy. Each service will have a different yet similar camouflage pattern. The patterns on what they call their No. 4 uniform is focused to operate in different areas of operation with a focus on urban terrain to blend in with air strips building as well as their ships in the case of the Navy. 

New RSAF and RSN no.4 UniformPhoto by MINDEF Singapore
While the previous pattern for the no.4 still to be utilized by the Singapore Army may resemble MARPAT, CADPAT, or AOR2 to some, we will reserve judgment on their new selection and let you decide if their new options seem to mirror other options already out there. Perhaps you may say, "been their, done that", but at least they are not throwing the "universal" or "multi-terrain" catch phrases out there. 

Full integration of the new uniforms will run well into 2013 and will featured "enhanced" designs for comfort and function. This includes a lighter weight 50/50 Poly/Cotton Material that wicks moisture, diamond crotch panels on trousers for better range of motion, and a mandarin collar for added protection to the neck. With other nations having their armed forces distinguishing themselves with different camouflage and uniforms for each service, we can see how enticing it can be to stand out with "differentiating" camouflage. 

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