Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SABRE PenCott Camo Clothing Available for Purchase

We had first introduced the SABRE offering of the PenCott Multi-environment Camouflage patterns back in late March and they have quickly rolled out multiple products in the GreenZone and Badlands colorways. The military clothing shown below is their 3rd Generation Special Forces Smock in the transitional Badlands pattern. In our previous intro we had a shot of the GreenZone version. 

SABRE Special Forces Smock GEN III in Badlands

The clothing line also incorporates also offers their Sniper Pants and Field Combat Shirt in the camo. All three products are manufactured with 50/50 NYCO and NIR protection and are decked out with multiple features for utility and comfort. We also see they have plans to offer the Snowdrift colorway, which is the arctic variant soon to be released on fabric. View full specs on all of the products offered in Hyde Definition's PenCott Camouflage at:

Combat Field Shirt in PenCott Badlands

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