Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roggenwolf Warg Desert Camouflage in Afghanistan

It has been quite some time since we first mentioned Roggenwolf's Warg family of camouflage being optioned by the Polish Military uniform manufacturer SPECOPS. The patterns were selected to be trialed for the Polish Army. A lot goes on behind the scenes in camouflage design with both Roggenwolf and SPECOPS having several projects in development, but limited information released over time due to the nature of the business. In the photos below. You can see a member of Afghanistan's Air Interdiction Unit on the left in a SPECOPS MBS-1 Uniform with the Roggenwolf Warg Desert variant known as 5D-PL. 

SPECOPS MBS-1 in Warg 5D-PL Camouflage
The AIU provides counter narcotics support an works closely with the ANA and Afghan Special Forces.   This is a prototype fabric that was utilized for the uniform. The desert camouflage variant was focused for development with the Afghanistan and Iraq terrain in mind. We have some other great news in the works for Roggenwolf down the pipeline and will keep you updated as the final information is released. 

AIU Member in Roggenwolf Warg Desert Camouflage
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