Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Polaris Defense MRZR Ultra-Light Warfighter Vehicles

This is a first look at the MRZR 2 and the MRZR 4 ultra-light tactical vehicles out in the field. Both options offer the Polaris 88 hp 875cc engines with the option for rearward faced seating, respectively providing capacity for four and six occupants. Both vehicles provide black out drive lighting and are clearly capable to manage rough terrains. The video below gives a complete overview with specs.

Polaris Defense MRZR Warfighter Vehicles
Polaris Defense MRZR Vehicles will be made available through ADS Inc. Special operations forces rely on lightweight tactical all terrain vehicles where an area of operation is not conducive to traditional multipurpose vehicles with added speed and maneuverability being imperative. For more information and contact details visit

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  1. WW2 Jeep, meet your 21st Century cousin. Light, modest power, mobile, simple, relatively cheap.