Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oakley MultiCam Ballistic Eyewear

Crye Precision reports that Oakley will be releasing MultiCam camouflage editions for their SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0 eyeglasses as well as their Ballistic Goggle 2.0. They note that the M Frame eyewear is designed to be compatible with in-ear communication devices and hearing protection. They are also manufactured to resist scratching and have anti-fogging properties. 

Oakley MultiCam SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0
The Ballistic Goggle 2.0 will be better equipped for use with night vision devices and are compatible with many combat helmets. Both ballistic eyewear options are designed to military specifications and utilize Oakleys Plutonite lens material. The new MultiCam eyewear will be available through Oakley Military and Government Sales
Oakley MultiCam Ballistic Goggle 2.0
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