Thursday, May 31, 2012

MOLLE Compatible Zip On Platforms

TYR Tactical has introduced another interesting load bearing platform to literally zip on the corresponding kit. They have now released three different products utilizing the platform with some size variations for hydration and also a variation on how the MOLLE webbing is oriented for attachment. It is noted that the different zip on platforms are compatible with most vests and plate carriers as well as some packs.  

TYR Tactical Zip On Adapters
Our initial impression is the capability for a very secure load carry with the ability for high mobility with little movement of the attached gear given the added contact points. The zip on adapters as see above come standard with the purchase of any Assaulters or MOLLE Platforms that they are offering for use with this new system. The Assaulters Zip On Platform shown below includes capacity for carrying 70 ounces of water, a GP Pouch, three Flashbangs, a mess medical sleeve, and two additional rows of horizontal MOLLE for additional gear.

They also already offer simple hydration carriers and a Beavertail option for the zip on platform. View all options now available with the new Zip On Adapters now available at

TYR Tactical Assaulters Zip On Platform
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