Friday, May 25, 2012

MKT Universal Camouflage Panzer

For all intents and purpose, Universal Camouflage is still the pattern of the U.S. Army outside of Afghanistan, where MultiCam is becoming predominant. So, it is still great to see products being manufactured with the pattern. Standard options for the Panzer folder shown here, come in OD Green, Black, and Tan, but Medford Knife and Tool have a lot of nice custom options that you don't find with your typical cookie cutter knife manufacturers. 

Medford Knive & Tool Panzer 
The blade of the Panzer can come in an NP3 or Black Matte finish with an aluminum/titanium handle. Medford Knife and Tool has a wide variety knives with the Panzer aptly fitting its name being a compact stout folder that can take a pounding. The video below provides a comprehensive overview from the companies founder. For more info and ordering, visit

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