Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LLARMS Project Titan Shroud Weapon System

There are many new weapons systems that promise a lot more than the can truly deliver. LLARMS has developed a Shroud System build around a .308 rifle platform that promises to offer accurate suppressive fire like the M249 SAW yet also provide the capability of a bolt action precision rifle. Project Titan integrates a modular system including the Titan Shroud, front shroud plate, muzzle brake locking block, and a modified DPMS style barrel nut. 

LLARMS Project Titan 

The components of the Project Titan Shroud Weapon System are made of of steel and free floating, so there is no hidden wizardry, however their overall design focuses on eliminating any muzzle rise for fast target re-acquisition. They do note that they will look into future possibilities for .223 and .22 options once they have a proven design for the .308 premier. The video below gives you a view of its suppressive fire and we look forward to seeing its long range capability in the future. For more on Project Titan visit:

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