Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Call: Camo Load Out Photo Contest

If you haven't sent in your A-TACS FG load out photos, then time is drawing near. The winner will be selected on Monday, so get them in by Saturday. We announced back in March that we teamed up with Beez Combat Systems to provide the winning shot $500 in gear and uniforms. Below are some great photos from our friends over at SOFREP that show the A-TACS FG uniform in the jungles of South East Asia if you need some inspiration, though a flight to Malaysia is not necessary as things green up here in the U.S. and abroad. 

A-TACS FG ACU Uniform in the Jungles of South East Asia
Your odds on winning are greater than ever for this huge prize. There is no limit on number of photos entered, so pick your best and send them. If you missed the contest announcement, full instructions and details for submission are provided in the related posts below. Check out more photos down in the Jungle at:

A-TACS FG Jungle Hide in Southeast Asia
Photos Courtesy of
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