Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hyperstealth Print On Demand Camouflage System

A lot of companies have alluded to the ability for just in time camouflage uniform product. However, we have not yet seen an ordering system available to the commercial market with a wide selection of patterns to choose. This will change when the new Deceptex Print on Order camouflage system from Hyperstealth comes into place this summer. The name comes from the combination of Deception and Texture. 

Hyperstealth Deceptex Kilo-1 Camouflage
Utilizing digital inkjet textile printers, Deceptex will offer hundreds of patterns to choose from with print on demand capability after a customer has selected their pattern. From a camouflage designer's perspective, this is a great means to offer a wide variety of patterns without compromise due to inventory constraints that arise from the cost of material when pre-planning mass production of individual patterns. It can be impossible to predict the demand for certain sizing and having a large inventory of uniforms laying around is not great for business due to fabric and manufacturing cost, especially if certain camouflage patterns are more popular than others. 

Hyperstealth Deceptex November -1 Camouflage 
Special Operations Apps had a similar concept with their CamoScience™ app, which actually allowed you to take a photo of an environment and fitting it into twenty camouflage design templates to make an AO specific camouflage. This then carried over into their Direct to Garment system which allowed for a wide range of customization and immediate results for testing or ideally uniforms that provided immediate concealment for any focused terrain.

Deceptex Alpha-6 Camouflage Pattern
This same concept carries over with Hyperstealth's print on order system except they simply offer hundreds of camouflage patterns to choose from for a specific environment rather than basing a custom pattern on an image which can be problematic in its own right. Hyperstealth points out that their Ghostex camouflage system was created with the same vision in mind except it is focused specifically for U.S. Special Forces in conjunction with ADS, Inc. Ghostex  was also utilized by Afghan Special Forces with the Kilo-1 pattern, which looks fairly distinct from the Kilo-1 in the Deceptex set of patterns. Deceptex will not have NIR protection since it is focused toward the commercial market

Deceptex Foxtrot-3 Camouflage Pattern
In this day and age people have become accustomed to the Burger King sensibility of having it their way. This system certainly provides hundreds of concealment options and allows the customer to choose what works best for them. As you can see in the photos provided, there is a huge distinction between the patterns and the multiple choices carries over to a variety of colorways. A selection of the camouflage patterns offered with Deceptex are now available at with more promised to come for ordering by this Summer. 

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