Monday, May 7, 2012

Funker Tactical: Reviews with a Bonus

Youtube has provided a wide range of viewing entertainment. A popular feature are the gear reviews that run the gamut from guns to knifes to the latest packs. Most of them come off as amateur unboxings with nothing more than a tutorial on how to take packing tape off of a box. While daunting in its own right, we prefer a little insight into a product along with a little honest commentary on how the product holds up when put to use. 

Funker Tactical is a new offering from the guys that brought you Funker530. The latter has become widely know through providing original and intense front line p.o.v. combat footage with some videos hitting a few million views.  The new venture Funker Tactical will provide videos with gear coverage of some of the latest products on the market. This will provide you with a first hand account of the gear and may be just what you need to decide if this is worth purchasing. 

Now you may have heard of this concept, but there is one thing lacking in previous reviews on Youtube. A lot of the reviewers are just doing it for the free product, however with Funker Tactical, they give the product away to the viewers. Not only do you see the product, how it works, and what its wort, but you also have a chance to win the gear being shown. Check out Episode 1 below and sign up for your chance to win. This review includes 5.11 ScreenOps Gloves, All Hazards Ammo Mule, and the awesome iSnipe App.

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