Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FENIX Flashlight Catalog 2012

We just received the latest product catalog from FENIX, which is one of our favorite flashlight manufacturers. They now offer a wide selection of lights for all walks of life including great options for weapons, every day carry, hunting, sporting, and just about any activity where the brightest flashlights are needed.

FENIX Flashlight HL30 Headlamp

FENIX just introduced their RC10, which is the first Rechargeable options from the company and we will have one of the first reviews coming up soon. You will also see their HL30 Headlamp that will start shipping at the start of June. We already have their most popular lights available for purchase including the TA20, TK60 and TK70. You can now pre-order the RC10, which will be available for shipping by next week. We will have a limited initial stock, so get your order in now at:

FENIX Flashlight Catalog 2012

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