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EGL Dooshbag in PenCott Badlands

We have been following Extreme Gear Labs for quite some time as they make some very interesting custom kit. They currently have around 275 product designs with a focus on gear to complement AK/ M4 / 762 platforms. Given the many configurations, there is something for every need within the design portfolio of EGL. 

Some Douche Bag with the EGL Dooshbag
EGL is based out of Colorado with all gear manufactured in house, so you can guarantee it is all made in the USA. They started out because the mass produced gear manufacturers were not cutting it for innovative kit that they would want to use. Their focus is on offering custom kit,  improvements on existing designs, and niche items. The company specializes in bags, chest rigs, battle aprons, etc. With a baby on the way and the unappetizing notion of carrying around some pink crap bag for the second time around. I was immediate enthused to see they came up with their multi-purpose EGL Dooshbag that fit right in with my own personal Combat XII-MEC Pack. 

EGL Dooshbag in Badlands Camouflage

The EGL Dooshbag is a modified version of their EGL EggyBauer Aircrew kit bag. The main differential is a larger main compartment that is lined with velcro loop on the interior for organizational purposes. It has a massive padded shoulder strap with huge easy release buckles. We were able to fit thirty size 1 diapers in the main compartment with plenty of room to spare for clothes or other soft goods.

EGL Doosh Bag Filled up
There is a large billowed pocket with zipper closure on the rear  (facing body when in place) for further storage, where we fit a large baby blanket and a stuffed donkey. On the opposite side of the bag are two large pockets with velcro closures. In one we fit a 100 count Costco size baby wipe pack and the other easily fit five 30-round 5.56 magazines. Behind each of these pockets are loop lined open top pouches which you can fill with any quick access items like snacks or portioned formula. Or you can put in a CCW holster with pistol and some magazines. We easily fit in two 30 round magazines with the closed pockets full and closed. 

EGL Dooshbag - PenCott Badlands Camo
On each end of the bag are two small velcro closed pockets that you can stick a large bottle or on the other front 20+12-gauge shotgun shells. Point being in all of this is that you can utilize this as a manly diaper bag and when baby is done using it, convert it to your range or even a bug out bag. Of course if you don't have the kid aspect in the way, you can fill it with whatever you want from the get go.

EGL Dooshbag Easy Access "Tunnel" Pocket
The bag is manufactured with a lighter weight, highly durable 500D Nylon and is seen here with Hyde Definition's PenCott Badlands Camouflage, which is their transitional pattern. EGL focuses on the tenet of simplicity over complicated designs, while offering a bag platform that is a easily customized to the end user whether it be for books, grenades, ammo, mayem, or diapers. The ultimate goal is to provide the best overall value to the client.

EGL offers their products in multiple solid colors and a variety of camouflage options including PenCott, A-TACS, MultiCam, Woodland, among others. If you are interested in their Dooshbag or seeing other designs from Extreme Gear Labs, check out the EGL Facebook Page Here you can see their prototypes and finished products as well as their latest projects. For direct contact and ordering details email: Orders are manufactured on demand and they provide prompt courteous customer service with great value for Made in USA gear.  

EGL Dooshbag Ready to Go
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