Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't Blame Sketchers: Get Off Your Fat...

If you think that any shoe is going to make you lose weight without getting off the couch, then feel free to send a check for $90 made out to Trash Heap and mail it off to your nearest waste management facility. The latest lawsuit put forth, has the shoe company Skechers dishing out $40+ Million to settle a complaint from the FTC stating that they made false claims in their advertising. Apparently their marketing that stated their shoes would make you get in shape or tone your muscles were crap at best. 

Sadly, this seems to be a common thread in our society where "buy beware" is no longer heeded and people pass the buck of personal accountancy to lawyers or consumer "protection" agencies. Here is your protection, don't buy stupid products. When you see a shoe that goes against any common sense of conforming to the human anatomy and assuming that its unique design is going to help you burn fat simply by slipping them on your hoof, then something is wrong with your reasoning and stupidity should not hold up in any court. 

Instead some shoe company whose name alone should sound alarms is to blame for suckering you out of a buck. Just because they left the "T" out between e and the c doesn't mean you shouldn't catch on to their marketing shenanigans when you think you can burn fat while your kid brings you your hot pocket rather than walking your ass to the microwave and burning a few calories to fetch your molten bread stick filled with molten fat. 

Here is a tip. Go buy some running shoes and put them to use by doing what their name intends. Start off slow, perhaps a quarter mile or so. Work that up to a full mile. It may seem insane at first, but you can do it. People have been doing it for centuries and it turns out that our bodies are made for it. Go to a reputable shoe store for which you can find viable positive consumer feedback online, and ask them to set you up with some decent running shoes that fit your foot. Any good store will have a treadmill or at least watch you run outside to see your gait and running style. There are different shoes designed for different feet and sometimes it makes a huge difference in your comfort and the health of your foot. 

I started off much in this fashion and my sister-in-law bought me the book "Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer". I already lost around 20 pounds from the start of my running and I ate up the book as it touched on the psychology behind distance running, which essentially says "you can do it". Even if you are a fat ass like me, you can run 26.2 miles one day. The book follows a 16 week program or longer if you are are not up to running 3 miles non-stop. But that 3 miles comes quick with some walk/run training. I dropped 120 pounds over a year going from 285 to 160 at my lightest. I am now back up to 180 after letting the beers slip and enjoying a bacon cheeseburger more often than maybe prudent. 

Yeah I am a bit self congratulatory, as I probably would have a different stance if I was still 100 pounds overweight and thinking of exercise as choice best left to world class athletes and stay at home mom's who need something to do to fill their day. I guess I followed the path of least resistance and learned later and life that it takes a little effort to get up and move if I wanted to maintain my eating habits of often and plenty. Of course this is just what works for me.

You may ask, but what about the sketchy shoe manufacturer that is "forcing" people to buy their shoe to lose weight? Well, there are many ways to penalize a company than to sue them. Simply don't purchase their crappy shoes. The store you bought them from probably  has a reasonable return policy if you feel duped a few days after the fact. It is hard for a company to make false claims if consumers see right through the silver lining and refuse to purchase shoes that provide lofty expectations with laughable slogans and they simply disappear into the ether. 

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