Thursday, May 3, 2012

Camouflage Trials and Tribulations

We had discussed the viability of the desert variant of the Warg™ family of camouflage patterns with Roggenwolf's founder, Brad Turner after seeing some photos in Afghanistan of the 5D-PL pattern utilized by a member of the Afghanistan Air Interdiction team. Let's first preface the results by saying that camouflage design can be fraught with complications depending on many different factors. 

The photos of Roggenwolf's Warg 5D-PL™ camouflage we featured yesterday showcased some of the problems that can arise when developing a finished product. The SPECOPS MBS-1  Uniform utilized in the photo was made for exhibitions rather than specific field trials.
The main differential between the two products are Fluorescent Brightening Agents (FBA), which is the ingredient in laundry powders and liquids that are supposed to make your whites whiter and your brights brighter. FBA does not create any issues while presented indoors under artificial lights. However, if you get them under sunlight, they play havoc with the camouflage's colorway. In fact, they're the reason some UCP camouflage on the Army Combat Uniform had a distinctly bluish glow under some outdoor lighting conditions. On top of this digital cameras just seem to make things worse. 

Roggenwolf Warg Desert Colorway (5D-PL)
Still, even if the photos from the Air Interdiction Unit does not show desert Warg™ in its best light, feedback from the Polish soldiers who used the camouflage was mostly positive. Reportedly the original version shown in the Before Photo above works well in sandy desert, as well as in villages and towns, although suggestions for improvement were also made. One of these was the inclusion of grayish-green colours, for better concealment in the local mountains. Changes to the colorway were made within a matter of hours as shown in the updated version below. The evolution of a camouflage pattern can take many paths and we look forward to future work put out by Roggenwolf. 

Roggenwolf Warg Desert Variant V.2
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