Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Afghanistan Saving a Buck with Boots from China

The Berry Amendment has been a great force in keeping Department of Defense procurement within the grasp of Made in the USA manufacturers. There can be some problems that arise with this as well as some exemptions on certain items. However, it has lead to maintaining quality control for products provided to our Armed Forces and drives an industry that keeps jobs and other economic benefits stateside. Apparently the Afghanistan government has already shown failings in recognizing the key worth of keeping such manufacturing within your own country.

Photo by Tech SGT. Maier 
This report in the video below gives the full scoop and essentially an Afghanistan boot manufacturer is bearing the brunt of outsourcing boot production to China that are to go to Afghan Nation Security Forces. Obviously this is no goodwill gesture, but a means of finding a cheaper product and we are sure other motives which one could only speculate. This move took place after NATO handed over procurement control, which previously gave preference to local business that brought in jobs and in turn stability.

In the scheme of things there are bigger fish to fry than the concerns of Afghanistan boot manufacturers, however the quick change in a common sense approach to keeping defense procurement on a local level. If a boot factory has to let its labor force go due to such policies, then who knows what reasoning will go forward for the country and building its economy. This move should also give rise to thought as to why it is so important to keep true to the Berry Amendment key purpose of domestic production. 

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