Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Afghan Special Operations Ghostex Camouflage Up Close

We have seen the APU (Afghan Partner Unit) wearing the new Ghostex camouflage Kilo-1 from HyperStealth earlier this year, but it was through not so great footage. This is the elite of Afghanistan's Special Operations Forces and the first look we have seen of the Ghostex Camouflage where you can easily distinguish the pattern and MultiCam specific colorway. In fact US Army's OCP was exactly what we had seen them wearing is  prior to the development of their own specific pattern.

APU in Ghostex Camouflage
Given the widespread effectiveness of MultiCam in Afghanistan as determined by multiple end users and testing, we can see why the requested pattern was required to integrate the colorway. The camouflage was originally developed with the Afghanistan Border Patrol in mind, but clearly this unit had their say in taking it over. HyperStealth now lays claim to at least there camouflage patterns utilized by Afghanistan Armed Forces that we know of with two distinct patterns from the SPEC4CE Series adopted by the ANA and ANCOP.

Afghan Partner Unit in Ghostex Kilo-1 Camouflage
Ghostex™ is now distributed through ADS Inc. with a variety of other patterns focused toward Special Operations Forces. The different camouflage options are available for expedient fabric printing and uniform manufacturing as demand requires. This allows for a quick turnaround time to meet the needs of specific environments. View full details on all Ghostex Patterns at:

Afghan Partner Unit Capabilities DemonstrationPhotos by ISAFMEDIA
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