Monday, April 16, 2012

A-TACS FG Manufacturer Profile in Raider Magazine

With the recent IWA and Outdoor Classics in German, A-TACS CAMO made its debut showing at the exhibition with their own booth highlighting both the AU and FG variants. The camouflage pattern is gaining widespread licensing by several manufacturers throughout Europe as well as Asia and Australia, which makes the international appeal of the patterns quite apparent. Of course our US Manufacturers are doing just fine on their own with a lot of uniforms and nylon gear being shipped abroad to many customers intrigued by the patterns and high quality products. 

Raider Magazine out of the UK has taken notice of the popularity of the new camouflage and have covered the A-TACS FG Camo in their Manufacturer Profile. Camouflage is a product in its own right and the work that goes into it from concept to design, and ability to be printed on finished goods is an intensive process. 

Ebcon Publishing Ltd. was kind enough to share with us and our readers the article they published in their May issue. Pop it out in full screen for easy reading We have covered a lot of their great features and look forward to each month's edition. You can subscribe for the monthly full color magazine delivered direct at:
A-TACS FG Raider Magazine

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