Monday, April 30, 2012

A-TACS FG Deep in the Heart of Russia

We have a lot of international customers picking up the new A-TACS FG ACU that was released earlier this year. The latest to provide us with some photos of their Airsoft Team hail from Moscow, Russia and have an affinity for the culture of the Lone Star State. You may say they wear their love for the great state of Texas on their sleeve along with some other accoutrement including the Gadsden Flag. 

Texas Militia Rangers in A-TACS FG Uniforms
As with many Airsoft communities, the teams choose a theme, which is typically in line with a particular Country and their different armed forces. In this particular case, they were going for a U.S militia focus and go by the moniker Texas Militia Rangers. We are sure the response will mixed to the focus of their theme deep in the heart of Texas, but they are not too far off with militia-type groups and sheriff's departments showing their interest in the A-TACS camouflage.

A-TACS Camo has shown great popularity among many in Texas for both the AU and FG variants, which may be a respective West/East divide. There are also many more international customers from around the globe that will be sending some more photos soon along with those in more temperate locales where the camouflage was initially intended. We will be sure to share those that we are given permission to disperse. If you are interested in reading more about the team visit

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