Monday, April 9, 2012

Special Operations Under Afghan Jurisdiction

If there was any misunderstanding prior to this day, then things have been now plainly stated that U.S. forces are to abide by Afghan law and Special Operations Forces are now under the watch of the the Afghanistan government. This is in conjunction with night raids to be led by ANSF and that the Afghan  government has ultimate veto in any planning.

Coalition SOF and ANSF Hilltop Firefight with Insurgents
Photo by Navy PO2 Dillon 
This comes a few days after a joint operation of  coalition Special Forces and ANSF Commandoes along with air support killed 23 insurgents. Given reports that Special Operations units will remain to support sustained security efforts after a general withdrawal of conventional forces, it is no surprise that the Afghanistan government wants to exert their control over planning and show its ability to secure the country from insurgents. Of most interest is how this will play out for the continued mission in the country. We provided the video from the ceremony with ISAF/NATO Commander Allen signing the memoranda. Skip to 1:50 for Gen. Allen's words in respect to the Memoranda of Understanding.

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