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SORD Hoodie Reviewed

Last week we read up a review on the SORD Hoodie, which we have been offering since November 2011 and liked how thorough the reviewer covered the new outerwear. The review was posted at an Australian shooting forum, which thankfully there is a means for their gun owners to discuss firearms and the possibility to shoot guns. James, the reviewer of the hoodie shared with us how self defense in Australia is diminished. There is no CCW, Semi-Automatics, no pump shotguns, no pistols with mag capacities of 10+ rounds or over .38 caliber unless you have the right permits. Essentially it is a worst nightmare scenario for many American gun owners.

SORD is originally based out of Australia and just recently opened up shop in Kentucky with SORD USA, along with manufacturing capacity. James sourced the hoodie locally, direct from the company as explained in the full review provided below along with a great discount deal we have on some custom contract overruns!

SORD Hoodie Tan
Clothing for sporting shooters is of a different breed of threads compared to what the average Joe would wear. Hunters and armed forces personnel in particular demand even higher performance fabrics and designs. Whilst it is true that a typical athletic cut t-shirt and jeans would be sufficient for IPSC or even hunting, fit and finish, comfort and usability isn’t quite up to par as some of the purpose designed garments on the market.

SORD Hoodie Kangaroo Pouch
Recently I contacted SORD Australia, one of our premier manufacturers of tactical nylon, apparel and gear, about their hoodie they have for sale. SORD was very happy to accommodate for my needs and sent me a contract overrun hoodie for evaluation. I couldn’t possibly say no to that so here are my initial impressions. The Hoodie itself is very well made, and is constructed from a custom blended soft shell material specified by SORD. As far as I know, this soft shell material is unique to outdoor garments on the current market. The properties of this fabric are pretty impressive, it is very wind resistant and water resistant, and the inner lining is soft and warm. Initially I mistook the inner lining for micro fleece but a quick phone call to SORD proved otherwise. 

The performance of the Hoodie is as impressive as its materials. I’ve been wearing it on an almost daily basis for the last month or so, what with Sydney’s weather taking another turn for the worse. Wind and rain, the two elements hunters must almost always deal with, did not faze the Hoodie at all. I found it to be water resistant to light and medium rain, water beads up and rolls off but heavier drops will start to sink into the outer shell. Heavy rain completely soaks the outer shell, the inner lining remained warm but definitely felt damp.

SORD Hoodie in Backpack
Wind blocking is another key feature of this Hoodie but the real test must wait. I haven’t found anything that can keep me warm whilst out spotlighting in Tom’s (Lumley Arms) hunting buggy. No doors, no windscreen, 6 HIDs and enough gear to keep you going in the Zombie Apocalypse. Needless to say, the wind chill can get pretty murderous in the dead of winter, so I won’t make any concrete comments about the wind blocking abilities of the Hoodie till I’ve put it through its paces. The design, fit and finish of the SORD Hoodie is excellent. Shaun at SORD told me that they own three factories in Vietnam where some of their products are made, the rest is manufactured here in Australia or in the US. The contract overrun Hoodie I have for evaluation does not have a “made in” tab but in the “worst case scenario” that this was made in Vietnam, I have say the workmanship, particularly the stitching, is first class.

My Hoodie is a contract overrun that features no side zipper, a recent trip to the St Ives Pistol Club proved to me that the side zips would be very handy if you're running a holster while wearing the hooding. It wasn't too much of a nuisance to have the hoodie riding between the holster and the belt but zips would definitely have helped. The kangaroo pouch on the front face of the hoodie is large and spacious enough to double as an admin pouch, magazine dump pouch or simply hold whatever extra bits and bobs you may need to dump into it. I’ve held everything from keys to mobile phones. I haven’t had the chance to put anything hunting or shooting related into it yet, but I think with the right chest rig it’d make for an excellent dump pouch for those of us who enjoy crashing through the bushes and getting the drop on a big mob of pigs.
SORD Hoodie Rain Test Front

So far, my opinion on the SORD Hoodie is excellent. Having said that I would like to see a few things changed. Arm pit zippers to assist in ventilation would be good for starters, as I find extended periods of cardio activity easily causes ventilation and overheating problems. I would also like to see the hoodie itself enlarged to accommodate for hearing protection. Just because I’m out hunting it doesn’t mean I’m not wearing my Peltors (or Howard Leights). Once muffs are worn, the hoodie is decidedly small. Otherwise, the hoodie is form fitting, and provides adequate protection against the wind and rain. SORD’s Hoodie costs $140 plus shipping, and places itself competitively in the market for outdoor wear, particularly for the High Speed Low Drag persons that they are designed to accommodate for.

SORD Hoodie Rain Test Hoodie Interior
Following our contact with the reviewer James, he shared with us some photos of the hoodie after enduring a 15 Minute Rainstorm, he noted, "My jeans were soaked through in about 10 seconds, if that, so the hoodie held up admirably. There were high winds as well, but the soft shell worked fantastic." We included some photos from his rain test. Picture 1 shows the front of the hoodie where water beaded away quickly or soaked throw the first layer as shone in the spotting. Picture 2 is the inside lining right after he got out of the rain which is dry and warm. Picture 3 is the pocket, which best shows saturation due to the pockets not being sealed under heavy rain conditions. 

SORD Hoodie Rain Test Kangaroo Pouch 
Thanks to James from for allowing us to share is thorough review with our readers. We actually got our hands on some of the custom contract overrun SORD Hoodies in Tan only and can offer them at a discounted rate of $105, while they last. As mentioned in the review, these lack the side zips at the hip, but include all other features. This is a custom order as long as supplies last that can be placed by an email order request to: The full model versions including side zips in Black or Tan are available at for $129.99.

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