Monday, April 2, 2012

Slangvel Reveals Latest Camo Para Smock

Slangvel has been hard at work with this latest para smock design popularized by the SADF for which he derived his namesake. The new Slangvel will have be offered in multiple camouflage patterns including MultiCam and PenCott patterns starting with Badlands.

This design is accented and reinforced with 500 Denier Nylon in Coyote. This particular pattern looks like a modernized pixelized version of the SANDF's Soldier 2000 Camouflage. The photo below gives a great compare and contrast shot of the new camo smock next to the original slangvel in nutria brown, which was the color and style utilized by the SADF paratroopers. All sales inquiries and questions can be directed to:

Slangvel: Para Smock New Camo vs. Old Nutria
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