Friday, April 6, 2012

PenCott Easter Egg Hunt

You have seen the PenCott Badlands camouflage egg, if you are following along on Facebook. Now look for it in this hide scene below. First person to email us the photo with the egg clearly circled will win a Meadowlark 2 G-10 Byrd by Spyderco. Pixlr works wonders for an online photo editor. Only applicable in CONUS and for Adults 18 and over. Not valid where prohibited. We will pick a winner at 1PM, if there is one!

Email entries to:


  1. Nestled between some rocks to the right of the weeds in the lower left-hand corner. Looks white.

  2. Jesse, its not a white egg your looking for... hese is a link to what to look for...

  3. Email sent. Good luck, y'all!