Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Security, No Mission

We couldn't think of a better title for the photo series as the photography definitely had a very apt name for what these soldiers and many others like them do on a daily basis to keep the mission going. It is always good on days like these to remember our troops are still at war and security is certainly the condition we can be know to take for granted. 

This is a photo of two soldiers standing guard at FOB Farah as part of the PRT for the province of the same name. How can you not appreciate having self-proclaimed psycho on your side compared to those enemy combatants with a mindset that is detrimental to their own well being. Anyway, just enjoy the photo and remember those that are not at home with their families today for our well being, wherever they may be. 

Photo by US Air Force Staff Sgt. Lovelady
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