Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nike Military Stying Camo Backpacks

The internationally popular footwear manufacturer has made their foray into some tacticool designs including some snazzy field boots and the use of camouflage with fashionable shoes and apparel. They even did some packs with webbing for their Nike SB (Skate Boarding) line, which we are sure was quite popular with the skater crowd looking for an edgy look. Now they have combined forces picking up the fashionable woodland camouflage pattern and slapping it on their SB Backpack with webbing.

Nike SB Camouflage Shuttle Pack and Backpack
We don't refer to MOLLE or PALS as we are not sure how it would hold up for load bearing. We don't see your typical mil-spec nylon being utilized here. But the webbing apparently gives the pack a Military Styling, as their retailers like to call it. It does have some internal organization which we assume meets some basic needs, but you can fit a skate bard in the Shuttle Backpack, so we are sure that is impressive for its function. They do have some straps to compact everything down, a locker hook and some drag handles, so they definitely thought out the design. We are sure it will make for some happy skaters if they can get past all of those added "strappies" sewn across the front which will probably serve for no practical purpose. 

Nike SB Camo Backpack Rear
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