Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nigerians Getting Crafty with Wikipedia

If you have ever had an email account, which covers the majority of the population, you surely have encountered a Nigerian looking to give you millions of dollars. Clearly with the immense wealth to be had in Africa, they eagerly look to us Americans to free them of the plethora of good fortune. Of course the ramblings put forth were clearly a ruse to free you of your own personal savings and the wording was typically far too formal with horribly constructed messages to give them away as bogus. Not to mention the ridiculousness of the entire concept.

It appears these thieves are getting crafty and have the power of the internet to back up their new messages either through some wikipedia mining or other resource, they have chosen Lt. General Caldwell as their face of a new scam promising you great affluence. Unfortunately, some people may have watched Marky Mark's amazing acting prowess in Three Kings one too many times and fall for elaborate stories of soldiers pilfering great treasures of Saddam Hussein and believe this to be a reality. Luckily the writer left out the sum, so we could quickly pick up on this as a form letter, otherwise who knows what lofty sums we could have soon sent their way. 

The Real Deal Lt. Gen. Caldwell in Iraq Photo by US Army Pfc. Ondik

A sucker is born every minute and the better "American" English writing and sticking to a quick message may pull in the naive looking for a quick buck. For the most part the story stands up except for the Commander's current command in Afghanistan. Of course mentioning top military brass better relates to people better than mentioning King Mubutuango. Thanks to our friend Brad for sharing this gem provided below. We imagine there are more to be had where this came from with many different faux authors being credited for their generosity. 


My name is William Caldwell, a Lt. General Commander with ( ISAF) Presently in charge of the 1st Armored Division in Afghanistan.

Although we do not know each other before, But My reason of contacting you is because I am looking for a Trustworthy person to put his name to help claim some fund Deposited in a security firm.

In course of our duty in 2003 to 2009, I secured the sum of ( ) from the stash money found while Serving in Baghdad Iraq and this money was kept somewhere in a security Company vault,
due to my redeployment to Afghanistan.

If you are interested, more details will be given when I hear from you.

William Caldwell

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