Thursday, April 19, 2012

Milspec Monkey Reviews Propper TAC.U Combat Shirt

We have been waiting for quite some time for the TAC.U Combat shirt to be offered in a full MultiCam version, and are partial to the design when it first launched in A-TACS. Of course we are biased since it is a product we offer, so we thought it would be a great outside perspective on the Combat shirt and sent one off to Milspec Monkey as soon as it was off the production line.

MILSPEC MONKEY TAC.U MultiCam Combat Shirt 
Impartial reviews giving the good and bad after some decent test time provide great insight into a product. This is also the first opportunity we know of to see the Multicam TAC.U Combat Shirt in actual photos being worn outside of product shots. So, without first adieu check out what he thought after a good month of putting it through the paces at

MILSPEC MONKEY Propper TAC.U Combat Shirt
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