Thursday, April 19, 2012

LoadMaster Shotgun and Rifle Ammo Carriers

There are definitely some great innovative firearms accessories on the market and it seems some companies thrive with amazing concepts while others range from bizarre to impractical. LoadMaster Systems out of Anchorage Alaska may have just what you are looking for when it comes to a simplistic ammo carrying system or perhaps you would rather head for zee hills when it when it comes to either of these contraptions.

First up is their Two Mag Pistol Grip mount which inserts into the hollow end of all pistol grips. The photos shows their AR Plat form option, while it is also available for AK magazines as well as Shotguns, which incorporates two five 12-gauge shell holders. 

LoadMaster AR Rifle Platform with Grip Mount and Two Mag Pouches
Next up are their sport stock mount options for a 12-Gauge Shotgun. These are available in the permanent screw on mount as shown in the photo as well as a strap on mount which can be temporarily added as needed. The ammo holder can hold six shells on each side with a total of twelve shells on hand.

LoadMaster Permanent Sport Stock Mount 
There are definitely some issues regarding ergonomics weight and overall usefulness of these products over suitable alternative ammunition carriers. We will let you be the judge if you want to try something out for your rifle or shotgun. LoadMaster also has some other products on hand including a 40MM Launcher Platform Pistol Grip mount which can hold up to to pouches and an optic adjustment tool with a name that goes without saying. Here is a video giving an overview of how the Sport Stock Mount works out for a Shotgun. 

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  1. Great for wannabees, geardos, and your tricked out AR at the gun club. Now explain how to fire from the prone in an actual firefight with that thing hanging off the pistol grip on your M4/M16.

  2. Those gadgets aren't practical and only an idiot would think it would give you any advantage.