Monday, April 23, 2012

LandCamo ABD Wood Pattern Uniform

We have been following the developments of LandCamo by S.S.F.N. out of Slovenia for quite some time after we were referred to them by another designer in the industry when things were going hot and heavy with the lead up for the US Army Camouflage Improvement Solicitation and many different designers were still in the hunt.

It is great for us to see a camouflage design company take their initial concept and bring it full scale with a mil-spec uniform, so that you can actually see how the pattern performs in the field. Afterall, camouflage patterns down on paper don't have much use for real world application and until you take the time and money to full develop your vision, you really don't know if it will be effective in combat situations.

LandCamo ABD/Wood Field Shot
LandCamo has multiple concealment options that are focused at several different nations with a variety of patterns. Their latest release on a full scale military uniform is known as Australian Battle Dress and utilized the woodland variant. Their patterns are developed specifically for Special Forces units operating in multiple environments. They integrate both micro and macro patterns into the design and aim to provide an illusion and interference of visual perception by creating shapes and sharp edges that blur the observer's vision, especially when the wearer is in motion. They also integrate virtual depth for a three dimensional effect. 

LandCamo Australia Battle Dress "Woodland"
We are quite impressed with the final product that they were able to develop and the material os treated to integrate IRR properties. They are now seeking out dealers from across the globe for distribution of their LandCamo ABD/Wood and related camouflage patterns for different environment. For full details and to view their wide variety of camouflage options visit: 

LandCamo ABD/Wood Prone Position

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