Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Incoming Military Equipment Requested for Border States

In a simple letter to the Secretary of Defence Congressmen Poe and Cuellar requested that the Federal Goverment provide border states with military equipment no longer being utilized in Iraq or returned from Afghanistan. We have been following the build up of support for increased border protection and this is just one more move to better reinforce those guarding a long stretch of land in an inhospitable environment. The drug cartels have run a constant campaign of fear and vengeance to anything that gets in their way of making a buck or harnessing power for their trade routes. 

Remote Avenger Operator
Photo by US Army Staff Sgt. Anderson
While an immediate threat has not driven the American public at large into a frenzy, nor should paranoia be a factor for increased security, the Federal Government has moved to better protect the border. National Guard troops from various states have been sent South to provide added support to Border Police along with local law enforcement whose resources have been spread thin over an immense landscape that is inhospitable to life. Earlier in March the US Army added their own Active Duty soldiers by sending a Joint Task Force with additional surveillance as well as the Avenger Weapon System.

Clearly added weaponry and military equipment can provide the means for a better security environment than what was previously present. The problem doesn't just lie in the Border, but certainly starts there. Grow sites are now spread out across the nation with many being pulled up in National Forests not lying anywhere near Mexico. 

Drug cartels have infiltrated the forests of Oregon, parks in Utah and Idaho, among other states. Theoretically if there is a water source, sufficiently fertile soil, and remote enough to evade detection for a short enough time to grow some green and turn it into the paper variety, then there will be those that take advantage of the situation. Who cares about the border when you can grow right in the back yard of where you are going to sell your product. 

These operations in themselves are debatable as to if they are a hazard to the livelihood of Americans. Those venturing into the park systems, hunting grounds, or other regions where growing takes place are put at risk by running into drug cartel members who have weapons at the ready to protect their livelihood and there is no debating that. 

So what is there to be done. Fortify the border and blow up anything that doesn't pass as an endangered Mexican Grey Wolf? Should all local law enforcement have their own surveillance drone, so they can scan the border remotely for any incoming threat? Obviously I am no border security expert or I would be spending my time consulting and not just writing articles about it. 

Increased resources which may not prove useful to the US military for the time being may be what is needed to allow border patrol agents to hold their ground and apprehend those individuals making the big bucks in their lucrative import/export ventures. With porous borders like this, there will need to be a wide spread effort and a lot of metal, gear, and eyes in the sky to plug them holes. The Afghan Border Police get their own camouflage, yet ours are chugging away with OD Green. Maybe this is the time to take a hard look at what we supply those looking out for who is gaining illegal access to our country.

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  1. I worked with the BP for two years across the AZ border and saw many things. There needs to be a narrowing of focus. We need to focus on stopping illegal immigration (along with everything it brings) instead of picking and choosing what and where to enforce in a given week.

  2. Completely agree. With that hole plugged, you can always worry about other aspects after the fact.