Sunday, April 1, 2012

Harnessing Methane for Alternative Fuel in Patrol Cars

We have heard of pig farmers using methane gas produced from animal waste in powering their tractors, generators, and other machinery that utilizes the fuel for power. It turns out a police department out of the midwest is utilizing this same concept for complementing their fuel source in their cruisers. 

Police One has announced in their newsletter "The Straight Shooter" that the Police Department in Flatbread, Kansas is putting converters under the driver seat of the law enforcement offer in order to capture gas emitted during the graveyard shift. 

This fuel is subsequently used to partially power the vehicles They give full credit to half priced burritos and free soda provided by the 24/7 convenience store chain 7-11. 

Now we know what they mean by Thank Heaven for 7-11. This isn't their only innovation to create a greener earth and their are many other great stories like this, where law enforcement are innovating across the nation. Read the full scoop at

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