Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fight Like a Girl

Some times it is good to get a different perspective on things and one of the quickest ways to do that is look to the opposite sex. The Bolo Report has a rolling series where guest female authors are giving their perspective. These are just any ladies they pulled in off the street or wives of the guys that do the dirty work. They bring in law enforcement veterans who know a thing or to about training, gear, and other topics of interest that can add to the conversation from their own vantage point. 

Fight Like a Girl at BOLO Report
A lot of times the information provided has nothing to do with gender and will serve everyone well in reading the knowledge they put forth. Plus, it can seem like a bit of a sausage party around here anyway, so why not let the ladies bring in their point of view, especially when they are just as well trained as their male counterparts. The latest article covers proper mag release practice, which we can all use, read the full details and other great LEO focused topics and news at:

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