Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Extreme SEAL Experience Video Promo

Don Shipley explains his NAVY SEAL BUD/S prep training program along with commentary from his wife who also provides support through their Extreme SEAL Experience. This is essentially a highlight reel and overview for the training itself, but is view into the 1 hour and 20 minute video they provide to see exactly what you are getting yourself into by signing up for their course. 

They don't intend to draw in just potential future SEALS, but also those civilians that want a taste of the action that never had or never will have the chance to experience in their lifetime. We don't know if this is considered cheating, since the unknown can be the toughest on the mind, but they will refund your money for the video if you go on to conquer the Extreme SEAL Experience. Perhaps that will be all you need to talk yourself out of it or further motivation to get your cash back on the purchase. You can order the video online for direct download to your computer at:

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