Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eighth Annual Pat's Run

We headed over to ASU in Tempe today for this year's Pat's Run. It is always an amazing event and it is great to see that it gets bigger each year despite the passing of time. Many of the children there were not even born when Pat Tillman was developing a legacy that still lives on today through the foundation with his namesake. 

Pat's Run 2012 T-Shirt
Pat's Run and the corresponding events tied to this day bring in funding to support their foundations military scholarship program. Many military personnel from across the country and outside the US. This year the turn out was over twenty thousand people for the 4.2 mile run alone. While many remember a man who gave up a million dollar career to serve his country at one of its most uncertain times in history, the event always gives pause to remember those that gave it all no matter what the circumstance. If his representation of this can support veterans then it is certainly a worthwhile cause that will hopefully maintain the increasing acknowledgement. 

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