Thursday, April 5, 2012

Combat Reading: Scott Zastrow's The Deguello

There is a lot of great military fiction out there and typically a good suggestion helps lube the wheels in reading a great novel based on real experience apposed to some hollywood mumbo jumbo. Such is the case with "The Deguello". Scott A. Zastrow didn't just write up a story of how he thought things went down at the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, but actually took part in the first incursion into Afghanistan with his team of Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group. 

The book starts with the events surrounding the events of 9/11 and how this affected the Special Operations soldiers that are the key focus of the novel. You get a true feel for the character of the men and how they truly react with a much more human response than you typically see in a heavily produced film. 

Without giving too much away this is a full force point of view into what went down at the start of the war with the training of the Northern Alliance and how a small force could exact a massive fury on Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters that far out numbered their joint ranks. Sure there is a lot of combat action, but the most interesting aspect is the interaction of all of the players involved including CIA, Close Air Support, and the Soldiers both with the different characters and most important among each other. 

Despite the serious theme, this is a very humorous story with the men reacting to the scenarios of war as one would expect rather than balls to the wall warriors with no time for a good laugh. This is a fictional tale, but you can truly tell that the experiences are based on reality. If that is not enough, here is a news report on the author covering his actual service to our country at one of the most pertinent times in our history. The Deguello is available for purchase on Kindle at along with a hardcopy paperback version.

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