Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blade-Tech iPhone 4 Holster

It is white the quandary as to where to comfortably stick Smartphones. Luckily for iPhone users, the solutions are a dime a dozen. Those of us manning monstrous Droid Smartphones can be left out in the cold. Its overly dramatic of course as there are options for everyone, but this one simply makes one jealous. 

Blade-Tech has developed a custom holster for a quick slide secure hold with a belt clip in their Tek-Lok or KLIP design. It is manufactured to fit an iPhone 4 or the new 4s with a Magpul Field Case, which also isn't available for any Droid device... As well as the Strike Industries Battle Case and Otterbox Commuter or Defender. Essentially some of the best cases on the market. The iPhone 4 Holster is available for online purchase at

Blade-Tech iPhone 4 Holster with KLIP

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  1. This is a great holster. This is what I am searching for. This can really protect my phone whenever I am in the field.